Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beebot problems!

Oh dear, we seem to have lost the Beebot maps in school.  We have decided to make some more Darwin -Galapagos maps! How on Earth will we do that? 

After some big thinking, we decided that we needed to find out how far a beebot actually moved.  

We all agreed it was 15cm! This helped us work out how big the squares on our map needed to be. Measuring and marking out took a lot of team work!

Once we had our squares in place, we challenged each other to get the beebots to different squares on the map. 

Now we were ready to draw our islands. We practised on scrap paper first of all, then chose the best parts of each of our islands for our big map.

Then we were ready to paint!

They are starting to look really good aren't they?!

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