Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Critical friends

Yesterday afternoon we were learning how to improve our work, by listening carefully to the advice from a critical friend. 

First of all we drew an owl in flight, by copying a picture on the board. This was our first draft.

Then we listened carefully to the advice from our critical friends about how to improve our drawings. Now we were ready to start our second drafts. We thought carefully about the advice we had been given. 

Our second draft was much better, but could we improve it even further? We learned how writers, artists and many other people work hard to improve their pieces by valuing the practice of redrafting and accepting critique. 

It worked! By not accepting that our first draft was our best work, we all learned that through perseverance, listening to advice and looking carefully at our own work we could all end up with a great piece of work on our 3rd draft! We will share some on the blog very soon.

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