Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Backwoods Billy Baxter

Poor old Billy, he has come all the way from Australia to film some of our nocturnal wildlife, but hasn't managed to capture any on camera yet. What on Earth is he doing wrong?

 He phoned WPIT for help, so the expert volunteers decided to give him a bit of advice - and they should know, they've been watching and protecting wildlife for a long while now. They have come up with some top tips to help Billy, which they will send to him in a video message shortly. They included:

  • Wearing camouflage clothing and staying awake in the night
  • Putting the cameras in the trees
  • Finding an owl box and putting the camera near that
  • Making sure the batteries are fully charged
  • Using waterproof cameras
  • Making sure you have switched the cameras on properly
  • Using infrared cameras

Look at for the tips soon!

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