Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A very strange bag

A very strange bag was found in the bush. Where on Earth did it come from? What should be do with it? It was a huge decision as some thought we shouldn't open the bag, but others gave good reasons why we should. 

We did some thought-tracking to consider what the bag would be thinking and feeling, if it could have thoughts and feelings. 

We thought the bag must feel very sad and lonely, because it had been left in the bush. 

Class 2 thought that the bag must belong to a 'raggedy old man' because the bag looked very old and raggedy.

After a decision alley we decided to open the bag. It contained some fascinating objects!

There was a field guide with creatures in it, from East Harling Fen! There was also some string, a special looking bottle ...

a magnifying glass and

a very old looking map.

We have decided to investigate the Fen to see if we can find out about the owner of the bag.

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