Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Super shapes!

Today we have been doing lots of thinking about 2d shapes. We learned that a polygon is a 2d shape with straight sides. We know what quadrilaterals are and can work out lots of different shapes by counting their sides and vertices (corners).

When we saw some shapes on the board, we had to create them using geoboard on the iPads to show what we thought they were.

We had different ideas. Isla was brilliant at reasoning about what the shapes could be and she was able to explain her ideas clearly to the rest of the class. Harvey could say why he had different ideas too. We had to change our thinking when we saw a bit more ...

After that we sorted some irregular 2d shapes. 

We had to think carefully about where they would go, and we had to explain to Miss BB and Mrs Sait why we had put them in certain places.

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