Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Special letters

Last week we really enjoyed the story called The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt. The pictures were brilliant too as they were drawn by Oliver Jeffers. 

We wondered what it would be like if we were a pencil in the story and what it might say. Would it complain or would it be a happy pencil? We all wrote a letter to Duncan saying what we thought about how he used us.

Miss BB thought that Drew Daywalt would like to read the extra page we have written for his story, so we decided to send them to him. The letter to Duncan was informal, as if we were writing to a friend. We thought our letter to Drew should be more formal, because we really want him to read our letters. 

We have put all the letters to Duncan and all the letters to Drew Daywalt in an envelope to post. We think that he lives in America, but his publishers are here. It might take a while for him to receive them! We really hope that we get a reply!


  1. Did you every receive a response? What address did you use? My students want to write letters as if they were Duncan writing back to one of the crayons. They want to send the letters to Mr. Daywalt as well.


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