Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A bit of a mystery

Inside our treasure chest on Wednesday were clues about a person or an event. We looked at them one at a time to try and deduce who or what it could be. Can you guess?  

There were some Rosary Beads. We thought it might be something to do with Jesus.

And a big book with lots of books inside it. We found out after a while that it was a King James  version of the Holy Bible. It was written around 400 years ago!

We still thought it was about Jesus or God, then another clue came out of the chest. It was a painting. We were great at guessing what was in the painting and we found out that it was also about 400 years old. We thought it might be something to do with a king. 

The next thing that came out of the chest was this picture. Miss BB told us it was a very old lantern that would have been used in 1605 to help people see in very dark places, like cellars. We were very confused about the clues, until ...

we saw this picture! Miss BB said that we can't have real gunpowder in school!

We guessed that it was about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We learned how the Protestants and Catholics were always fighting and arguing.

Then we learned about what happened to Guy Fawkes. We sequenced our own stories and had some lovely conversations in our groups about bonfire night and what we had learned about Guy Fawkes. 

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